About us

Thanks for taking the time to get to know Bolter Bunny better, and to find out most importantly; why we're here! Playing games is about fun (trust me we like fun), but games have qualities that a lot of people don't realize are there. Here at Bolter Bunny, we look at how those games improve, change or affect ourselves, and also our relationships with others. 

Here you will find access to many of the games we've reviewed, played and studied. We'll post articles, links to videos, and groups that we feel use games to help improve the relationships of those around them. 

Bolter Bunny was started by the three of us, Nakima, Jaysen, and Zoth Daskalos. We not only saw how our relationships improved through gaming, but also the things that we learned over the years that were key in teaching/helping us life skills and traits that made us the great people we've become! Skills that include critical thinking, team-building, and a desire to ALWAYS BE LEVELING (ABL). Gaining Levels is the goal, so lets keep getting that XP!

Please make sure you are subscribed and follow our blog and social media. We'll be here to give you information that takes your games and relationships to the next level.

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